Thursday, May 13, 2010

Coated Abrasive Safety Guidelines

  1. Eye protection should always be worn when using any machinery-operated abrasive product (A.N.S.I. Standard Z87.1). Body protection should also be worn whenever appropriate; arm guards, leather gloves, and aprons. Loose clothing, jewelry and hair should always be secured before using any powered machinery.

  2. Machinery should always be maintained in good working order. Proper electrical controls should be easily reached and in good working order. Safety guards on machines should never be removed. Machinery should be disconnected from the power source before making any abrasive or machine adjustments.

  3. Proper dust control is essential. Always observe OSHA regulations regarding dust collection. Dust masks are recommended to minimize dust inhalation. Dust collection systems should be properly maintained and cleaned frequently.

  4. Never use a coated abrasive product which is cut, creased, or otherwise damaged. Observe proper storage conditions.

  5. Proper machinery use:
    • Always run lap joint belts in proper direction.
    • Jog the machine to start abrasive belt tracking, rather than full-power starts.
    • If unusual ticking or bumping noises are heard on a running abrasive belt, check belt and machine for possible damage.
    • On offhand applications, present the workpiece to the abrasive belt below the center of a contact wheel.
    • Proper belt tension should always be maintained.
    • Belt tracking should be properly adjusted.